EconomicsAmerica Schools

The EconomicsAmerica program marks a commitment by a public school system or independent school to integrate economics throughout its curriculum. In turn, the regional Centers for Economic Education, the Georgia Council on Economic Education and the Council for Economic Education commit to providing the necessary teacher training, resource materials, and consulting services to EconomicsAmerica participants.

What you need to know about EconomicsAmerica:

  • The program was introduced nationally and in Georgia in 1964.
  • Today in Georgia, more than 171 public school systems and independent schools have made this formal commitment to EconomicsAmerica.
  • EconomicsAmerica provides a process by which educators can effectively integrate economics into their curricula.
  • Participation entails commitment by schools to use quality economic education materials at relevant points in the curricula, to support their teachers’ participation in teacher training programs, and to implement evaluation programs.

What the Council for Economic Education will do:

  • Provide a sampling of materials, including the Framework for Teaching Basic Economic Concepts and the Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics to assist in curriculum revision and in-service training of teachers.
  • Provide national recognition by identifying participants in EconomicsAmerica.
  • Co-sponsor regional and national conferences geared toward EconomicsAmerica participants.
  • Inform participating schools about new materials and developments in K-12 economics.

What the Georgia Council on Economic Education will do:

  • Continue to foster a climate that encourages community and government support for sound economic education endeavors.
  • Give priority to EconomicsAmerica teachers and administrators as participants in conferences and other activities it sponsors.
  • Fund and coordinate the activities of the Centers for Economic Education related to developing resource materials.
  • Provide consulting and coordination services where possible to its Center for Economic Education
  • Serve as a key communication liaison among centers, EconomicsAmerica cooperating schools and other organizations that engage in economic education activities.
  • Support and coordinate activities such as the Teacher of the Year competition, the Stock Market Game, the Economics Challenge, and the state Social Science Fair.

What the Centers for Economic Education will do:

  • Provide consultant services to EconomicsAmerica cooperating school systems and independent schools, including curriculum review and development, in-service programming, resource materials and program evaluation.
  • Provide information on new and existing economic education instructional materials and on research in economic education.
  • Assist in establishing community and college/university contacts to provide needed resources and services.
  • Encourage cooperation and facilitate communication among existing and new EconomicsAmerica participants in planning and implementing in-service training and other activities.
  • Arrange conferences, workshops and other activities to assist EconomicsAmerica cooperating schools.
  • Work with college and university administrators to strengthen undergraduate preparation of teachers for teaching economics at all levels.
  • Conduct research in economic education.

What EconomicsAmerica school systems and independent schools will do:

  • Establish economics as a curricular emphasis.
  • Designate an appropriate staff member/members as the EconomicsAmerica coordinator or co-coordinators.
  • Develop short and long-range plans for implementing economic education throughout the school system or school at all grade levels.
  • Allocate adequate resources for the development, maintenance and improvement of sound programs.
  • Provide time for teacher training for those involved in the program.
  • Develop an ongoing process of evaluation for EconomicsAmerica activities.
  • Acquire and distribute materials that will help improve economic education for both teachers and students.
  • Review curriculum guides and support materials for the inclusion of economic concepts.
  • Submit progress reports as agreed upon with the Center and/or the Council.

If you are interested in joining EconomicsAmerica, fill out the Declaration of Intent and mail it in to the address on the form.