Georgia Association of Economic Educators

Georgia’s Economics Teachers

The future accountant in your class may not use history in her job one day and your nurse in the making might not need to remember the French he took to practice his profession. But every one of your students- just like every teacher’s students- are going to need a place to live, food to eat, and money to pay bills. Every student will one day have to negotiate a way through the American economy, the largest and most complex in the world.

That’s what makes teaching economics so special. It’s an important subject to know- a subject that confers power on those students who understand it and punishes those who do not. One way or another, it’s one subject every student will learn- the easy way or the hard way.

Founded in 1994 by Georgia economics teachers and education professionals, the Georgia Association of Economic Educators is here for anyone who teaches, promotes, or believes in K-12 economics.

Why should you join?

Because if you teach economics, GAEE is all about meeting your wants and needs as an educator specializing in economics. Need an incentive to join?

  • GAEE members have priority access to workshops on programs correlated to the new Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) that are hands-on, timely, and use real-world examples to illustrate principles of economics. GAEE members also receive current, research-based instructional materials that deliver engaging, relevant, and fun content for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 classes.
  • New complementary saving and investing materials, and access to online, grade-specific resources through GAEE’s website, like test question banks aligned with the state standards, teaching techniques, and instructional ideas unique to the teaching of Economics.
  • GAEE’s quarterly newsletter offers instructional strategies and practical ideas that teachers can use now, and written by experts in academia and researchers in the field. Experienced economics teachers who face challenges just like you share their thoughts and ideas on best practices for bringing economics to life in the classroom. GAEE keeps its members informed and up-to-date on issues of concern to Georgia’s economics teachers and events of interest to elementary, middle, and secondary teachers specializing in Economics.
  • A copy of the Council on Economic Education’s Survey of the States: Economic, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Education report that shows where Georgia stands in the teaching of K-12 economics when compared to other states.
  • Participation in Georgia’s only community of active economic educators, a group with a unique identity and a statewide network of colleagues that promote Economics as the premier social science subject in the K-12 curriculum.
  • An invitation to the GAEE luncheon at the Georgia Council for the Social Studies annual conference in Athens, the largest gathering of social studies teachers in the state.
  • Every month a GAEE member is chosen at random to receive a class set of materials to teach a GCEE approved lesson of their choice!

Economics teachers are special. GAEE brings them together to share ideas, sharpen skills, and network. You can join the Georgia Association of Economic Educators for annual dues of only $15, a modest opportunity cost. But if you teach economics, not joining GAEE could be an opportunity lost. Click here to join GAEE.