New Workshops

GCEE Introduces Three New Workshops

Economic Turmoil: The Great Depression and World War II explores economic growth during this turbulent historic time period and is designed for 5th and 8th grade teachers. This workshop will debut at the Kennesaw Museum of History and Holocaust Education on February 15th. Seventh grade teachers will learn new strategies to teach about Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This workshop is in the style of the other 6th and 7th grade country-specific workshops that have been wildly popular. On February 27th GCEE, in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, will offer a unique workshop called “Functions of the Federal Reserve” where participants will hear from Federal Reserve bank insiders and participate in lesson plans directly tied to each speaker's topic. And, for the first time in several years, the Georgia Council will offer its AP One-Day Training outside of Atlanta at Savannah State University on March 6th. This workshop usually only happens once a semester at the Federal Reserve Bank. Register here for these and other GCEE workshops.

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