Nominate a Teacher


The Nomination Form Cover Sheet should be submitted along with up to three supporting letters from representatives of appropriate groups (i.e., students, parents, fellow teachers, chairpersons, principals, curriculum directors, superintendent). The nominee should also submit the following information:

  • A vita or biographical essay outlining educational background and teaching experience.
  • An essay describing philosophy of teaching economics for a specific grade level or course, including a view of students as producers,consumers and citizens.

Nominees must be teachers in the public or independent schools of Georgia teaching a course in economics or integrating economics into other courses at any grade level, K-12.

  • Teachers may nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual.
  • Relatives of GCEE employees are not eligible to apply.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for a five-year period.
  • Previous finalists are ineligible for one year
Nomination Cover Sheet and Questions

Cover Sheet

To enter, submit the following information:

Name of Nominee
Home Address/Phone
School Address/Phone
Present Position
Name/Position of Person Making Nomination

Answer the following questions and attach them with the cover sheet:

1. What are some examples of your creative approaches to the teaching of economics?
2. How have you motivated students and generated enthusiasm for the study of economics?
3. How have you demonstrated that your knowledge of economics is
appropriate for the grade level(s) you teach?

4. How have you demonstrated expertise in utilizing a variety of appropriate methods, strategies and resources for teaching economics?
5. What other unique qualities or qualifications do you possess which enhance your nomination?

Selection Procedures
  • Compile and submit the completed nomination package, including the Cover Sheet, to the Georgia Council on Economic Education by December 15.
  • A panel of judges selects up to three finalists in each category by January 15.
  • The finalists are interviewed and observed in their classrooms during March.


Economics Teachers of the Year are recognized at the annual meeting of the Georgia Council on Economic Education in May. The winning teacher in each category receives $1,000, and finalists receive $250.

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Atlanta, Georgia 30301-1619
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