Georgia Power
Focus on a Georgia Council Supporter


Since its founding in 1972, the Georgia Council has enjoyed support from countless companies, organizations, foundations and individuals. A One of the most important supporters during this time has been Georgia Power.  Through the years, the company has provided the Georgia Council financial support, as well as in kind services such as printing and video production. Several key executives have also held leadership positions on the Georgia Council’s Board of Trustees.

“Georgia Power supports the mission of the Georgia Council on Economic to provide opportunities for our teachers and students to advance their economic education so that we can all prepare our state and our community for a better and brighter future,” says Xia Liu, Georgia Power’s Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer, who joined the Council’s Board of Trustees and Executive Committee last year.

Every year the Georgia Council showcases its Economics Teacher of the Year with a video highlighting their accomplishments. A crew from Georgia Power travels to the teacher’s school – no matter where it is in the state – to film the video, edits it at their state of the art facilities, and puts together a finished product that is always the highlight of the Georgia Council’s annual meeting.

Georgia Power has also printed many of the Georgia Council’s collateral pieces – including campaign materials, brochures, stationery and envelopes – at no financial charge.

“The money we save by not having to print these materials or produce these videos allows us to put our resources directly into teaching Georgia’s teachers how to teach economics and personal finance,”

says Mike Raymer, Executive Director of the Georgia Council.

The Council has also benefitted from the leadership and guidance of individuals like Tom Fanning, Ron Hinson, Warren Jobe, Ronnie Labrato, David Ratcliffe and Cliff Thrasher, who – like Xia Lui – served on the Georgia Council’s Board of Trustees. Mr. Jobe and Mr. Thrasher are also former Chairs of the Board.

“We are so grateful for all the support Georgia Power has given us over the years,” says Raymer. ”They have been a great partner to us and to the greater Georgia community.”