Join the Georgia Association of Economic Educators

Founded in 1994 by a group of economics teachers, the Georgia Association of Economic Educators is a forum for exchanging ideas and teaching strategies in economic education.

Why join GAEE? Membership brings benefits like:

  • Participation in Georgia’s only community of active economic educators, a statewide group that identifies Economics as the premier social science subject in the K-12 curriculum.
  • GAEE’s quarterly newsletter, with up-to-date news on issues of concern to Georgia’s economics teachers and events of interest to elementary, middle, and secondary teachers specializing in Economics.
  • New complementary saving and investing materials, and access to online, grade-specific resources through GAEE’s website, like test question banks aligned with the state standards.
  • An invitation to the GAEE luncheon at the Georgia Council for the Social Studies annual conference in Athens, the largest gathering of social studies teachers in the state.
  • Priority access to workshops correlated to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) that are hands-on, timely, and use real-world examples to illustrate principles of economics.
  • A copy of the Council on Economic Education’s Survey of the States: Economic, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Education report that shows where Georgia stands in the teaching of K-12 Economics when compared to other states.
  • Every month a GAEE member is chosen at random to receive a class set of materials to teach a GCEE approved lesson of their choice!

Membership is open to all those teaching K-12 economics or actively promoting economic education and requires a yearly $15 membership fee. To join, complete the membership registration below.

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Registration Fee: $15.00

If paying by check: Please print this form and send it in with your check to:
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If you wish to discuss your registration, contact GCEE at 404.413.7820