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Students leaving school prepared for their economic roles as workers, consumers, citizens, and lifelong decision makers in a globally interdependent world.  

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To help teachers teach those students in the public and independent schools of Georgia.   

Helping teachers teach economics
Thank you for visiting the Georgia Council on Economic Education's Web site.  We're working hard to be the resource of choice for K-12 social studies and economics teachers across the Peach State.  Here you can review programs, register for workshops, order teaching materials, or connect to GCEE's ECONBLOG. 

Survey of the States: economic education is a positive for the Peach State
The Council for Economic Education (CEE), the New York City-based national organization that helps teachers teach economics, conducts a comprehensive survey of the state of K-12 economics and financial education in the U.S. every two years.  Collecting data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the Survey of the States: Economics and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation's Schools 2014 shows notable progress since the first survey 15 years ago.  The biennial survey is an important benchmark of progress in economic education in each state.  Georgia met several key criteria in the 2014 survey, including:
- Georgia is one of 17 states requiring a high school personal finance class
- Georgia is one of 22 states requiring a high school economics class,
- Georgia is one of 16 states requiring student testing in economics, down from 27 states since 2002,
- Georgia requires all public high school students to take and pass an economics course,
- economics standards are tested on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) in grades 3 through 8 and on the high school economics End-of-Course Test.
The 2014 Survey of the States was profiled in an article in eSchoolNews.  Read about the 2014 Survey of the States here.  

Spring Stock Market Game winners  
The spring 2014 trading session of the Stock Market Game ended April 4.  Teacher Jay Watts' team at The Westminster Schools is the statewide winner with a portfolio value of $213,150.  No. 2 in Georgia is Gary Petmecky's team at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County with a portfolio value of $174,177.  Mike Harrell's team at Oliver Elementary School in Clayton County is No. 3 in the state.  The statewide winners of the fall 2013 session, Oliver finished with a portfolio value of $171,928.  GCEE is busy confirming the winners of each school system and independent school region.  Results will be posted soon. 

Starr's Mill, Marist win 2014 Economics Challenge
Some of the finest minds in high school economics battled for the right to represent Georgia in the 2014 Economics Challenge.  From across the state, 17 teams gathered at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on March 24 to compete in two divisions, the Adam Smith Division for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate economics students, and the David Ricardo Division for honors and other economics students.  The Economics Challenge starts with a rigorous microeconomics test that each student took individually, then a macroeconomics test.  Next up, student teams take a group test on international economics.  The two top teams from each division then met in the quiz bowl round.


In the David Ricardo Division, Gwinnett County's Parkview High School met Starr's Mill High School from Fayette County in a close competition.  Starr's Mill pulled out the victory with the correct answer on the last question.  Then the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology faced Marist High School, with Marist gradually piling up enough correct answers for the win.  Starr's Mill and Marist now go on to represent Georgia in the National Semifinals in mid-April.  Congratulations to Starr's Mill, Marist, and all of Georgia's 2014 Economics Challenge teams.   

National Association of Economic Educators
Mike Raymer, Program Manager at GCEE, takes over as the 2014 president of the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE).  Georgia is well-represented in NAEE, with Peach State professors and GCEE staff active in the nation's premier professional organization for advancing the growth, service, and recognition of economic educators.  Joe Feinberg, Associate Director of the Georgia State University Center for Economic Education, serves on the International Committee.  GSU Center Director Shelby Frost chairs NAEE's Technology Committee.  GCEE Executive Director David Martin sits on NAEE's Professional Development Committee.  GCEE Research Committee Chair John Swinton, Director of the Georgia College and State University Center for Economic Education, begins his term as chair of NAEE's Research Committee in 2014.   

New workshops this summer  
Plenty of seats are still available for K-12 economics workshops this spring, but GCEE is also looking ahead to workshops this summer.  New workshops for this summer are The Georgia Ports and Georgia's Economy and The Economics of T-shirts and Global Trade.  Both two-day workshops offer one PLU credit each.  As it has done every summer since 1999, GCEE is once again offering the College Board's Advanced Placement Micro- and Macroeconomics Summer Institute.  The June AP Summer Institute will be held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  Summer workshops fill up fast, so don't wait to register. 


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