In expanding economic literacy, teachers are key

For Georgia students to become knowledgeable in economics and personal finance, they must have teachers who know how to bring these subjects to life in the classroom.

That’s where we come in: The Georgia Council on Economic Education helps teachers teach economics in creative and inspiring ways.

While Georgia teachers must be certified to teach economics, they face the highly challenging task of engaging today’s students in the complexities of the subject.

We help teachers meet this challenge by:

  • conducting in-person teacher workshops (more than 100 each year)
  • delivering special programs like the Stock Market Game™
  • creating and disseminating innovative instructional materials

Thanks to the support of businesses, foundations and individuals, we typically provide our services and materials at no cost to the teacher or school.

More than 11,000 Georgia teachers have benefited from GCEE's programs in the last five years alone. The number of Georgia students who have become better educated in economics is in the hundreds of thousands.

See what a typical interactive GCEE Workshop looks like below.

What makes the Georgia Council distinct:

  • As teacher participation in Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) workshops increased, so did the student passing rates on the high-stakes, End-of-Course Test for economics – by 35 percentage points.
  • No other state council in the U.S. conducts more workshops or reaches more teachers than the Georgia Council – an average of 110 workshops for 2,325 teachers per year over the last decade.
  • Founded in 1972, the Georgia Council strengthens economic education at a cost of less than 50 cents per student for each workshop a teacher attends.
  • Workshops address principles of economics, international economics, economic history, personal finance and other topics – all aligned with Georgia’s Performance Standards.
  • A statewide network of EconomicsAmerica coordinators in public school systems and independent schools and 12 university-based Centers for Economic Education enables the Georgia Council to serve K-12 teachers across the state.

What makes the Georgia Council work? The 11 Keys to Success in Economic Education:

  1. GCEE is sharply focused on its vision and mission.
  2. The Georgia Department of Education is clear on economic and personal finance standards.
  3. The Georgia Council aligns its training and materials with the Georgia Performance Standards.
  4. GCEE has an effective delivery system for preparing teachers in all areas of the state.
  5. The Georgia Council’s effectiveness has been documented through research.
  6. Leaders representing business, education, agriculture and government play key roles in GCEE’s governance.
  7. Funding support for GCEE comes from a broad range of businesses, foundations and individuals.
  8. The Georgia Council connects with constituents through a variety of communication channels.
  9. Partner organizations from across Georgia help GCEE consistently fulfill its mission.
  10. The state’s top programs, teachers, students and community volunteers are recognized each year by GCEE for their excellence.
  11. GCEE’s lean but dedicated staff generates an outstanding return on investment for its supporters.