Fall 2023 Georgia SMG State Winner


GCEE is thrilled to announce that team GA_35_ZZ1196 from Woodville-Tompkins High School has earned top prize in the Georgia Stock Market Game! Student winner Jimmy began the season with $100,000 and in just 10 short weeks, he turned that into $202,455.19 in equity. This is Jimmy’s second time winning the overall state competition in back to back seasons of the Stock Market Game! Jimmy and teammate Jimena won the Spring 2023 competition with $248,495 in equity. Becoming a 2x winner is extremely unusual- a first in recent GA Stock Market Game history. Way to go Jimmy!

Jimmy attends Woodville-Tompkins Technical and Career High School in Savannah and is taught by teacher John Cook. His top investment in the game was in CAUD with a gain of 86%. 

“Thank you to all of the teams that competed along with me this year, as well as GCEE and SIFMA for making the event possible. My advice for those who plan to play again this Spring is to take BIG risks on SMALL companies.”- Jimmy Slack, Woodville Tompkins HS