Stock Market Game


The Stock Market Game™ in Georgia
An experience your students will never forget!

The Stock Market Game is an exciting simulation that gives students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 for 10 weeks in real stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  At the end of the 10 weeks, teams with the highest total equity are eligible for a variety of prizes and awards.  

The Fall 2020 trading session of the Stock Market Game™ begins September 28th and runs through 4pm on December 4th.  

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About the Stock Market Game™

Economic education is about more than financial literacy. It’s also about the larger economic forces that impact everyone’s financial circumstances in the present and future. With equity markets as the model, the Stock Market Game™ is designed to give Georgia teachers a tool for showing students how scarcity, trade, opportunity cost, voluntary exchange, price incentive, specialization, productivity, and many other economic concepts play out in financial institutions they hear about in the news almost daily. Unlike real equity markets, the Stock Market Game™ offers students a safe and pain-free place to learn that the lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly.

To make the best use of the Stock Market Game as an educational tool in the classroom, GCEE requires all teachers to attend Stock Market Game Advisor Training. You can register for a workshop here.

Other important things to know about the Stock Market Game

Teams are given a hypothetical portfolio of $100,000 that they invest over a 10-week period. The team from each public school district or independent school geographic region with the highest portfolio value at the end of the 10-week trading session wins.

GCEE coordinates the Stock Market Game for the state of Georgia. The Stock Market Game is operated nationally by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Foundation for Investor Education.

There is a $7 registration fee for each team. Team registrations will be processed through SIFMA. Teachers will be emailed a password and team ID three weeks before the start of the program. After GCEE receives your registration information from SIFMA, you will be invoiced for the $7 team fee.

Student teams that finish the ten-week trading session in first place in the their school district (region) get exclusive Stock Market Game T-shirts.

The elementary, middle, and high school team that finishes highest in their congressional district will get an invitation to the Stock Market Game Awards Luncheon in Atlanta accompanied by their teachers.


Tifton Econ Games 5th Grade Champs

Super huge GCEE congratulations to the team from Kings Chapel Elementary in Houston County for bringing home 1st place in the highly competitive 2020 Tifton Econ Games (5th grade division).


Teaching the Game

Teaching the Game

How do I teach the Stock Market Game™?

The Stock Market Game™ is used by teachers across Georgia and the U.S. to demonstrate how the private enterprise system works. The Stock Market Game™ shows students how the laws of economics unfold in the real world. Unlike real equity markets, the Stock Market Game™ offers students a safe and pain-free place to learn that the lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly.


Stock Market Game FAQs

The Basics

What is the Stock Market Game™?

The Stock Market Game™ is an interactive, interdisciplinary educational program you can use to help students learn about economics, finance and the American economic system. During the 10-week simulation, teams of up to five students manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio and invest in stocks found on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ.

Teams are ranked based on their performance, and regional winners are invited to a spring luncheon in Atlanta. The program is offered twice each year in Georgia, every spring and fall.